Legaltech Arcade

001 Building a legal platform, with Stuart Barr of HighQ

August 26, 2020

In this week's episode, I talk to Stuart Barr - Chief Product & Strategy Officer at HighQ (part of Thomson Reuters). We discuss what it takes to build and sell a legal platform and how to ensure customers see value from the product, as well as the move towards a single 'legal operating system'.

Topics of discussion

  • Is LegalTech a thing?
  • Defining a legal platform
  • Benefits of a toolkit platform vs. point solution
  • Challenges of selling a platform
  • The move towards productised solution templates
  • How to ensure clients see value from a platform
  • Measuring and demonstrating ROI
  • Structuring a product team to build a platform
  • The importance of integrations
  • Market consolidation
  • What next for legal platforms?

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