Legaltech Arcade

Buying and deploying legal tech tools, with Daniel Porus of Legatics

December 1, 2020

In this episode, I talk to Daniel Porus, Chief Commercial Officer atĀ Legatics. We discuss the key considerations for organisations looking to acquire a legal tech tool, how they can successfully navigate the procurement and onboarding process, and what needs to be in place to ensure they see value and return on investment.

Topics of discussion

  • Winning the hearts and minds of key stakeholders
  • Pre-sales and solution consulting approaches
  • Successfully navigating IT and InfoSec
  • The key markers for successful vendor engagement
  • Pilots and interactive proof of concepts
  • What ROI looks like for transaction management tools
  • What metrics you should measure to ensure success
  • The importance of a well planned change programme
  • How to ensure success and engagement post-sale
  • What next for Legatics in the next 12 months and beyond

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