Legaltech Arcade

Finding marginal gains to build better products, with Tom Dunlop of Summize

March 11, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Tom Dunlop, Founder and CEO of Summize. We discuss his journey from representing Team GB in badminton and getting into sports agency, to working as an in-house lawyer for fast-growth tech companies and founding Summize. We explore how legal tech vendors can succeed by leveraging the 1% principle to focus on delivering simple, yet high-value solutions that can deliver significant benefits for their customers.

Topics of discussion

  • The importance and benefits of automated contract summaries
  • From European No. 1 badminton player to legal tech founder
  • Bringing a sports mentality into professional life
  • Series A and the importance of securing finance
  • Advice for lawyers wanting to get into legal tech
  • Why being a creative lawyer can unlock career opportunities
  • Using video walkthroughs to humanise contract negotiation
  • Key factors currently impacting in-house legal teams
  • Analysis paralysis caused by a crowded legal tech market
  • How to remove friction when selling legal technology
  • Key factors when onboarding new customers
  • The future of legal tech post-pandemic
  • The deconstruction of one-stop-shop platforms

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