Legaltech Arcade

Creating a digital-first law firm, with Tara Waters of Ashurst Advance Digital

April 16, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Tara Waters, Partner and Head of Ashurst Advance Digital, who began her career as a web developer and then moved into the law. We discuss the current state of tech within law firms, how the focus has evolved from digital services to digital products, considerations for law firms looking to build their own software, differentiating with technology, what legal tech can learn from open banking and the need for what Tara calls the "law-to-law model" to drive greater collaboration and client value.

Topics of discussion

  • Going from web development to law
  • The current shape of leal tech in law firms
  • From digital services to digital products
  • Roles within digital teams
  • The importance of buy vs. build for law firms
  • Structuring for digital legal service delivery
  • Whether law firms are serious about digital transformation
  • How law firms can differentiate with technology
  • The need for more collaboration between firms
  • Tips for getting into legal technology

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