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The other AI: Augmented intelligence in law, with Christophe Frerebeau of Della

June 3, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Christophe Frerebeau, Founder and CEO of Della. We discuss the evolution of AI in law, why other AI tools have been focusing on the wrong problem,  the Q&A approach to AI contract review, the interaction of legal AI with voice services, how contracts can be re-designed to lead to better outcomes, the use of AI in contract negotiation and the areas where the legal AI hype is justified.

Topics of discussion

  • Introduction to Della and the problem it solves
  • From software engineer to legal tech founder
  • Why AI isn’t being used to its full extent in legal
  • Becoming the google of contract analysis
  • Augmented intelligence over artificial intelligence
  • Layering AI tools on top of popular voice services
  • How AI tools can support the full contract lifecycle
  • Use of AI in contract negotiation
  • The future of AI in law - what next?

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